This site serves as a sort of switchboard for the activities that consume my interests and time. The various topics have a common theme in the promotion of communication architectures that leverage the Internet as a tool for community building on local, regional, national, and global scales. Significant effort goes to containing anti-community forces working to preserve the disconnected status quo.

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Daniel Berninger
Toward Connectivity

"Love follows from connectivity and hate from disconnectivity." DB 2002

"Prosperity across human history depended on only two things - communication and trust" Wright 2001

"There is no way to peace along the way of safety. Peace is the opposite of security." Bonhoeffer, 1934

"Never, never, never, never give up." Churchill 1941


Close the distance between the actual and the possible global prosperity by overcoming obstacles to communication.

Open Communication
End of Telecom
Save the World
Harmonious Contention
Public Interest Standard
Comms Renaissance
Death of POTS
10 Telecom Policy Myths
Connectivity v. Territory

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Daniel Berninger - Washington, DC based independent communication architect. Expert in technical and regulatory aspects of Internet enabled disruptive communications and active in VoIP since 1995. Daniel's work as a open communication architect started with the original assessment of VoIP at Bell Laboratories , technical contributions to the founding of Free World Dialup , and continued with the first VoIP deployments at Verizon , HP , and NASA after joining VocalTec Communications . He won a VON Pioneer Award as co-founder of the VON Coalition . Daniel led the founding teams, created the business model, and recruited the CEO's for ITXC (Tom Evslin) and Vonage (Jeffrey Citron) . Daniel gets quoted frequently on regulatory, antitrust, and VoIP matters - Business Week, WSJ, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Bloomberg, Forbes, Associated Press, Dow Jones, Info World and trade press.

Contact Daniel via dan@danielberninger.com

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